1. Regret
    Scott Lawlor and The Gateless Gate

  2. Good Friday
    nox intempesta

  3. The full moon series Volume 04 - April The Sprouting Grass Moon

  4. Abstraction
    Scott Lawlor & Earlyguard

  5. Cave Fever
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  6. Colony Collapse Disorder

  7. like a pelican of the wilderness

  8. Drone Excursion 021 (The Empty Room)

  9. The full moon series Volume 03 - March The full Worm Moon

  10. But The End Of All Things Is At Hand
    scott lawlor & Oystein Jorgensen

  11. There's A Long, Long Trail Winding Into The Land Of My Dreams As I'm Accustomed To Sleep And In My Dreams To Imagine The Same Things That Lunatics Imagine When Awake

  12. painting the sounds

  13. The full moon series Volume 02 - February The Full Hunger Moon

  14. Transcending Separation

  15. drone excursion 020 (Glimpse of Eternity)

  16. Revelations From The Lightest Side Of The Secret Moon

  17. Obscure Secrets Beyond The Dark Side Of The Cosmic Temple

  18. The full moon series Volume 01 - January The old Moon

  19. The Remaining Memories In The Midnight Snow

  20. Argument Lens Decoded
    Wings Of An Angel & nox intempesta

  21. Missa pro defunctis (Requiem for 2016)

  22. A Winter Landscape

  23. Dark Nativity
    Nox Intempesta

  24. drone excursion 019 (under the winter snow)

  25. Imprisoned
    Wings Of An Angel & Scott Lawlor

  26. Experiments in Isolation Volume 3

  27. Experiments in Isolation Volume 2

  28. Experiments in Isolation Volume 1

  29. Black curtain outtakes
    Scott Lawlor with Mystified

  30. Behind the Black Industrial curtain
    Scott Lawlor with Mystified

  31. Haunted Moon

  32. Age of Anxiety

  33. Bells for an Imaginary Audience Volume 2

  34. Fire from the Sky
    Scott Lawlor & D.N.P

  35. Plagues


  37. foundation wall

  38. The Green Mile Reinterpreted

  39. October Twilight

  40. show me the glint of Light

  41. Child of Rage Reinterpreted

  42. There's Always a Last Chance For Awakening
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  43. The Darkening of the Sun and the Moon

  44. First Autumn Morning

  45. Times Escape

  46. drone Excursion 018 (The Grey Areas of Going Dark)

  47. Not Peace but Devision

  48. VOiD - Ascension (dark neo-classical remix)

  49. the opening of the windows of heaven

  50. Drone Excursion 017 (In The Engine Room)

  51. Elegy For a Fragmented World

  52. Reality Check
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  53. Across a Paper Sky

  54. Bells for an Imaginary Audience

  55. Rage Against Political correctness (split)
    Scott Lawlor & Harsh Noise Movement

  56. Seeking Rest

  57. Rain 3

  58. Rain 2

  59. Rain 1

  60. Political Correctness and ISIS are malignant cancers undermining all social cultures

  61. From Out of the Dark Into the Dawn

  62. Horse Cock Harshhorse Re-invented
    Scott Lawlor and zenonym vs Harsh Noise Movement

  63. Drone Excursion 016 (Fear of Isolation)

  64. Soul Sleep

  65. The Pain of Being Fractured

  66. Archaeoacoustics
    nox intempesta

  67. I No Longer Love Blue Skies
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  68. spaceport 261x
    Scott Lawlor & Oystein Jorgensen

  69. The Next Dimension
    Scott Lawlor & Oystein Jorgensen

  70. A Night On Pluto
    Scott Lawlor with Mystified

  71. The_Eternal_Torment_Of_Prometheus
    Scott Lawlor with Mr. Vapor

  72. Three Moons
    Scott Lawlor, Eugene-kha and Mister Vapor

  73. On Empty Winds Lost To Time

  74. Sunrays

  75. Dreaming of Dark Clocks

  76. vocem venefici
    nox intempesta

  77. Dark Flow (remastered)

  78. Plasmadrone
    December Nightskies and Scott Lawlor

  79. As darkness draws in

  80. The Silent Hour of Night

  81. drone Excursion 015 (stillness of Time)

  82. lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning

  83. Child of Rage

  84. Undeniable Corruption

  85. drone excursion 014 (Across the Empty Landscape)

  86. the atmosphere and gravity of the moon
    December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor

  87. Always Present but Never Seen

  88. The Ambient Appliance Series 2 - spin_drone

  89. Polar Night on Titan
    Scott Lawlor & Dronny Darko

  90. The Judgement of Satan (Extended Remix)
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  91. The Coma Experiment
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  92. The First Day Of Rain
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  93. Night
    December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor

  94. Lava
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  95. the vast kelp forests

  96. Dronescapes
    December Nightskies With Scott Lawlor

  97. the haunted Lucid Nightmare of a Stargazer
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  98. nebula compilation
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  99. eva de los Cristales
    Scott Lawlor & [ówt krì]

  100. The Ambient Appliance Series 1 - Symphony_for_prepared_dryer

  101. Jupiter's Cyclone
    Scott Lawlor & EugeneKha

  102. Vatnajökull
    December nightskies with Scott lawlor

  103. Dark Mind

  104. Radial Resistance
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  105. Jupiter Is a Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner

  106. Desert Winds

  107. Quercu
    nox intempesta

  108. Religious extremists facilitate annihilation of an otherwise cultured and orderly society

  109. Drone Excursion 013 (Caverns of Ice)

  110. Desert Nocturnes (ambient Excursions for the season of Lent)

  111. The absence of Light contains the Shadow of Loss

  112. The dark descent, and up to reascend

  113. 2161866618216

  114. Quiet Snow from a Dark Sky
    Wings of an Angel & nox intempesta

  115. That Sanguine Light of November

  116. Complex Silence #36

  117. Above the Firmament

  118. Boko Haram
    Wings of an Angel and Scott Lawlor

  119. Yule Tidings

  120. Drone Excursion 012 (flowers of Ice Crystals)

  121. Drone Excursion 001 (The Choral Drone)

  122. Drone Excursion 002 (Into the Industrial Complex)

  123. Drone Excursion 003 (Uncertainty of Suspense)

  124. Drone Excursion 004 (Harmonic Convergence)

  125. Drone Excursion 005 (Quiet Passage)

  126. drone excursion 006 (Unquiet Spirits Crossing the Rubicon)

  127. Could It Be That We Have Forgotten How to Love

  128. Tributum
    Nox Intempesta

  129. Mundi Phantasmata
    Nox Intempesta

  130. Drone Excursion 011 (Quiet Convergence)

  131. dreaming of the supermoon

  132. Cold Reading
    Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor

  133. Drone Excursion 010 (Into the Mystical Desert)

  134. A Halo of Dark Icy Worlds

  135. Journey Through the Boötes Void

  136. Drone Excursion 009 (Suspension of Time)

  137. Drone Excursion 008 (Into the Mystic Void)

  138. Drone Excursion 007 (Into the Furnace)


Scott Lawlor Corinth, Texas

I am an ambient musician from Corinth TX who composes in different sub-genres such as dark and light ambient, drone, cosmic space music, and ambient concept albums both as a solo artist and as a collaborating partner with many other artists in the ambient community. I have a creative thirst for adventure and lack of patience for the monotony of remaining in the same sonic space for long. ... more

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