Undeniable Corruption

by Scott Lawlor

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this, my second noise album, is a protest against a government organization that we have all grown to despise. Turn this one up loud as you slowly walk out to your mailbox with great reluctance as you mail an envelope with a check made out to the Internal revenue Service for an amount of your hard earned cash made out to an agency who is under the grand delusion that they know how to allocate and spend your money much better than you do.
This album is much more brutal than the last noise record, to represent the coercive brutality by which the most irredeemably corrupt government agency in American history operates.


released April 15, 2016

photo by Wings of an Angel




Scott Lawlor Corinth, Texas

I am an ambient musician from Corinth TX who composes in different sub-genres such as dark and light ambient, drone, cosmic space music, and ambient concept albums both as a solo artist and as a collaborating partner with many other artists in the ambient community. I have a creative thirst for adventure and lack of patience for the monotony of remaining in the same sonic space for long. ... more

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