Transcending Separation

by Scott Lawlor

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Zombie Joe
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Zombie Joe Aside from rattling my speakers the ambient flow reaches me on so many levels I like. Added this to my collection after being affected by it. Please continue the ambient trend Scott! Favorite track: Death Brings Us into Absolute and passionate presence With All That is Here.


an album of neo-classical improvisations which explore a painful part of our humanity: separation, whether it be an immigrant separated from the family of origin, the permanent separation of one loved one from another through the natural phenomenon of death or the final realization of the transience of this life as we all reluctantly and perhaps fearfully tread a certain path to our final passage from this life to discover that, even if we don't consciously comprehend it, there awaits for us, another plain of existence where exploration begins anew.


released February 9, 2017

Album art by Wings of an Angel




Scott Lawlor Corinth, Texas

A jack of all trades, veteran musician Scott Lawlor, composes in different sub-genres such as dark ambient and light ambient, solo piano, cosmic drone and avant-garde, both as a solo artist and as a revered collaborating partner with many other well-established artists in the ambient community. Hence, Scott has built a solid reputation for himself as a cornerstone persona in the ambient community. ... more

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