Missa pro defunctis (Requiem for 2016)

by Scott Lawlor

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Wings of an Angel Cover fits the music brilliantly! It unleashes the essence of the music. All the more so, considering the fact you haven't actually seen the cover with your eyes - you've seen it and captured its essence with your heart and soul. Making this an unforgettable release.
The Music is SOLEMN, point blank, yet heartrendingly and breathtakingly gorgeous ambient/drone. Captivating music that doesn't leave the listener even after hours and days... Perfect harmonic structure on par with the main theme.


2016: for a lot of people it was a very difficult and tumultuous 12 months.

As a country, we experienced police brutality, domestic terrorism, the most divisive election cycle in modern history,, the cold calculated murder of police officers, the loss of a great number of artists who have changed history and had a very positive impact on our culture and humanity and to top off what an unbelievable year this has been, the unlikely, astonishing and very disappointing election of a reality television personality as well as a bankrupt narcissist to the office of president of the United States.

Many people have been counting down the days until 2016 is over and so, to that end, I present, on the last day of this year, a requiem for 2016, a dark menacing 74 minute soundscape which I believe communicates the emotions that a lot of us felt as a result of the cultural and political upheaval we have been unwilling witness to.


released December 31, 2016

Photo courtesy of Divinity Library - Vanderbilt University




Scott Lawlor Corinth, Texas

I am an ambient musician from Corinth TX who composes in different sub-genres such as dark and light ambient, drone, cosmic space music, and ambient concept albums both as a solo artist and as a collaborating partner with many other artists in the ambient community. I have a creative thirst for adventure and lack of patience for the monotony of remaining in the same sonic space for long. ... more

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