painting the sounds

by Scott Lawlor



Album and song titles inspired by the naviar haiku project ( naviarhaikus 142, 139, 158, 151 and 160).

resounds endlessly was performed live on 2015-09-20
the train tracks are silent was performed live on 2016-04-24
I grip a cold key was performed live on 2016-04-24
sand sifts through the roots was performed live on 2016-04-24

From Wings of an Angel:
"Regarding your avant-garde lp: I've heard it once, very thoroughly and thoughtfully, and found it to be wonderful; what I call classical avant-garde - mixing special non-ordinary and fantastical sounds with musical elements such as the piano, in a style sometimes reminiscent of Cage's later works. I loved how the playfulness of the sound, unexpectedness and mental power this music unleashes on the innocent listener. It's a sea of sounds in which sometimes we swim towards quasi-cacophony but at the same breath oftentimes we hear transcendent sounds that uplift the soul towards a beautiful state. A truly authentic, sincere and outstanding work of postmodern sound art."


released February 22, 2017

Album art by Wings of an Angel




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Scott Lawlor Corinth, Texas

I am an ambient musician from Corinth TX who composes in different sub-genres such as dark and light ambient, drone, cosmic space music, and ambient concept albums both as a solo artist and as a collaborating partner with many other artists in the ambient community. I have a creative thirst for adventure and lack of patience for the monotony of remaining in the same sonic space for long. ... more

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